The Moving Overwhelm

So, T and I worked so hard at selling everything. We had an estate sale every weekend during most months since March. I was in charge of 20 facebook sites and Craigs list. T was in charge of eBay. We’d work all day, have dinner in front of the TV and then crash.

We did do some fun things to say good bye. We had one wonderful walk around Jetton, I went to yoga with the Roxanne and Julia and Julie and every once in awhile we would go for a salted bagel with cream cheese and coffee and I really loved that! The gals, Julie Kukaruda, Linda Smith, Roxanne Blake threw us a going away party at the pool.


My First Post

I wanted to start this so that I could have a place to journal that wouldn’t be in a book! tee hee. I have a box so heavy that I can’t lift it with all the journals from my life. 61 years, wow! Has it really been 61 years? What I want to do before I leave for Boquete in September is read my journals and put the most important excerpts here. That should be fun and revealing all at the same time. You know how you remember things in a certain way over time? Well the journals will reveal parts of my life I’ve changed or just plain forgotten.

But for now…. let’s begin. It’s March 1st 2015 and T and I are in the middle of selling everything. We started last August. It seems that everyday we have a new idea or tweak our plan. We bought our hiking boots the other day at REI. How fun to really buy serious equipment. Holly Carter, our first Boquete friend,  said that she went from not believing she would still wear her California shoes to boots as her normal foot wear. I have ALOT of shoes I want to take but I wonder if I will quickly move into hardier shoes as well! Yesterday T and I went to South Park Mall to buy some shoes and as we walked from store to store our ideas changed with each store. Should we take nice shoes? What shoes will I/we need? Will I need high heels every once in awhile or will I just look out of place? With each discussion more ideas pop into T’s head. Today we even thought that instead of coming home after our first 3 months, from September 1st to November 31st, that we would do a border run and stay 6 months. And, as many of our conversations end, we decided that things will only become clear once we get there. We can make all the plans we want but we can only decide once we have lived there. hmmmmmmm Buy, lease, build, settle down, travel?